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Me, Myself, and I

   I was born in Charlotte, North Carolina on July 18, 1960. That means I'm from the Hippie Era, the tail end of the Baby Boomers. Peace man. Cool. Over many years I have written opinion columns, how-to articles, short stories, children’s poems, Christian literature, and personal essays for local newspapers, national magazines, websites, blogs, and e-zines. However, my favorite genre is science fiction. An avid fan, I enjoy reading about and imagining strange places, odd beings, and future tech, with the hopes that one day I might describe something which eventually becomes a commonplace tool. I doubt that a shotgun shell wood duck whistle will foot the bill, but something along the lines of a cell phone would be pretty cool.

   I have spent my life garnering knowledge of one type or another, hands on, sleeves rolled up. Although my hats have changed many times over the years, I live by the motto put forth by my father: “Learn something new every single day.” I also added, “…and read.”

   My day job since 1982 turned me into a self-motivated brand builder and manager with a proven track record in direct corporate sales, profit generation, marketing, website design and implementation, small business IT, and business writing. Regularly published, with many years of experience in various venues, both in print and online, I am a creative problem solver, especially when working within tight budget constraints. I never miss deadlines. I communicate and participate with others, both individually and in group settings, to accomplish common envisioned goals.

   While my talents are varied, my foremost desire is to write, write, and keep writing -- especially fiction.

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Richard Carl Meehan, Jr.
Freelance Writer

Fiction. Non-Fiction. Articles.

Web Presence. Sales Team Coach.



From 1994 - 1999, I contributed regularly to this national trade magazine. My article, "Repetition Builds Sales Effectiveness," brought my first paycheck for freelance writing. As a sales and marketing professional in the sanitation industry, this publication was a perfect fit. Currently, my articles have been updated for the times in my book, The Janitor's Closet: How To Get In The Biz And Stay There.



From 1995 - 1999, I wrote a monthly column entitled, "Gent's Corner." I will forever be indebted to Margaret Splawn, former owner and editor of Southern Style News. She was the first to value my work. This column was about things that mattered to me, and reached 15K people each month.



From 1999 - 2004, I wrote a monthly column entitled, "Biz Tips." Subjects included local business highlights, how to be a professional salesperson, and proper business etiquette for a comfortable work environment. As a local business paper, I enjoyed a readership of 63K.


From 2012 - 2019, I produced a monthly column discussing subjects of facility janitorial maintenance, giving tips to contract cleaning service owners, and offering general sales guidance. 


For more than thirty years I have associated with various groups of writers, authors, and fellow wordsmiths. It has been a fun-filled ride, but lots of hard work. Selling books is not easy, but nothing makes me feel better than to receive a compliment from a fan. I love to sign my name on the inside covers!

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