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A Quacking Good Trek to Manhood


Growing up in a duck swamp doesn't sound all that appealing. Yet, that's exactly the way I did, grow up I mean. My father used an unorthodox set of parenting techniques to show me the path to becoming a real man.


Man. What a misunderstood word! At what point does a boy become a man? Is it when he turns twenty-one? Could it be on Graduation Day? Maybe it's when he sees the birth of his first child? The answer: None of the above. Manhood is a state of mind, pure and simple. It is an achievement culled from mistakes and triumphs. Age has nothing to do with it. Old men can be boys; boys can be men. The whole truth is men know when they have become men, and are treated as such.

Come join me on a journey with the ducks and find out how boys become men...

“I found Duck Tale to be an intriguing and delightful memoir full of rich detail, humor, and color. The story grabs the reader and runs on to the next compelling imagery. What a coming-of-age story! Thanks so much for the opportunity to read!” ~ Sarah Stockdale, avid reader



This is a work of historical fiction. The main character was a real boy living in the area of Grindal (Grindall) Shoals, on the Pacolet (Pacholet) River, at the time of the Revolutionary War near present day Jonesville, South Carolina.

Follow young Lemuel Fernandez, son of a wealthy merchant and plantation owner, as he attempts to rescue his family, seized as Patriot sympathizers, from the clutches of British commander Colonial "Bloody Ban" Banastre Tarleton just prior to the tide-turning Battle of Cowpens.



There are ways to do business and there are ways to do business. The problem is, many of us need to bone up on the ethics. As the face of the company, a corporate representative must be above reproach, both at the office and in front of potential customers. But, we're only human.

Well, sure we are.

Only, we're talking about our livelihood and success. We can't afford to acquire a poor reputation. Like everything else in life, our career choices will make or break us. Biz Tips 101 will help a serious representative form a business lifestyle that the boss will applaud and customers will appreciate.

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