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Love to Write

I love to write - always have. Some of my stories are completely true, while others are totally not. That's the way of non-fiction and fiction. As with all writers that keep plugging at the art, my work has been published here and there over a large number of years. I've authored opinion columns, short stories, s.f., children's poems, personal experience, Christian literature, and other speculative pieces. It's not the sale of my work that counts for me, although it's a great feeling when something does sell. Instead, I take great satisfaction from knowing that I have readers. Don't get me wrong, though. Money is good. If you find something here that you like, please purchase the download or make an offer as the case may be. Not many writers make it to the big time. Even those that do give the same advice: write, write, write, and keep on writing. One of my favorite quotes is from the great sales guru, Tom Hopkins. He said, "Never give up. Never, never, never, never..." Since my day job for the last thirty years has been to sell cleaning products to the maintenance industry, I have a unique perspective. I never give up on anything I set my mind to; I continue to strive for excellence; I know that toilet paper should be compared by basis weight to determine the best buy per pound for the money. Armed with knowledge like this, how can I not put words to paper? Maybe I’ll never make it to the big time as a writer, but I can sure sell janitorial products. Hey, somebody’s got to do it! Writing is fun. Writing is work. Writing is a hobby. Writing is a waste of time. Writing won’t make you rich. Perhaps writing is all of the above and more. Maybe writing is none of the above. Who cares? I feel rich every time I get a comment from a reader, positive or negative. I feel rich every time I get a rejection letter: someone may have read my work. When I complete another piece, I feel rich. I am enriched by the simple act of word-crafting.

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